Audiobook Demos

  1. 1st Person MF Dialogue ~ Stones Skipping On Water 3:57
  2. Action 3rd Person ~ Landfall 2:57
  3. Action 3rd Person Russian Accent ~ Landfall 3:53
  4. SciFi Humorous Dialogue ~ The Human Factor 5:51
  5. SciFi Action Alien Dialogue ~ The Human Factor 5:48
  6. YA SciFi MF Dialogue ~ Dust 3:06
  7. YA Paranomal 1st Person ~ Tracked 3:23
  8. YA Contemporary Various Accents ~ Capture Of The Definace 4:52
  9. Non-Fiction Biography ~ Bill Clinton Paul Heitsch 1:53
  10. Nonfiction True Crime ~ Mania and Marjorie Diehl Armstrong 4:06
  11. Nonfiction History and Politics ~ Reclaiming Israel's History 3:47
  12. Nonfiction Business Leadership ~ Follow Me 4:59

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Paul’s performances are consistently cited for his authentic storytelling, realistic characters, and commitment to the text. He has performed best-selling audiobooks for Audible Studios, Blackstone Audio, Tantor, Macmillan, Podium, and Brilliance, as well as many independent authors and publishers.

“…he did a fabulous job. I’m really hoping he continues narrating this series.”

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