The Omega Force Series

by Joshua Dalzelle


Past Obsession


by Richard Keith Taylor



by John McWilliams

Mad Powers


by Mark Wayne McGinnis



by Brian Hodge

No Place On Earth


by Louis Charbonneau

Corpus Earthling


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The Devouring


by T. M. Wright




by Michael David Ares

High Lie


 by AJ Stewart

Offside Trap


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Red Mist


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Stones Skipping on Water


by Richard Keith Taylor

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Night of Violence

by Louis Charbonneau



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Young Adult



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by Heather Sunseri

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Crashback - The Power Clash Between the US and China in the Pacific


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Mania and Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong Inside the Mind of a Female Serial Killer


by Jerry Clark, Ed Palattella

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Ten Conversations You Must Have With Your Son


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Inception and Philosophy


by David Kyle Johnson and William Irwin

Sociology: Exploring Human Society


Line-in Publishing

Black Ops, Viet Nam


by Robert M. Gillespie

New Releases


A Novel

by Michael David Ares

Published by Macmillan Audio


From Michael David Ares comes a dark new audiobook that will haunt listeners 

Fear the Day

In the near future, patches of the northern hemisphere have been shrouded in years of darkness from a nuclear winter, and the water level has risen in the North Atlantic. The island of Manhattan has lost its outer edges to flooding and is now ringed by a large seawall. The darkness and isolation have allowed crime and sin to thrive in the never-ending shadows of the once great city, and when the sun finally begins to reappear, everything gets worse.

A serial killer cuts a bloody swath across the city during the initial periods of daylight, and a violent panic sweeps through crowds on the streets. The Manhattan police, riddled with corruption and apathy, are at a loss. That’s when the mayor recruits Jon Phillips, a small-town Pennsylvania cop who had just single-handedly stopped a high-profile serial killer in his own area, and flies him into the insanity of this new New York City. The young detective is partnered with a shady older cop and begins to investigate the crimes amid the vagaries of a 24 hour nightlife he has never experienced before. Soon realizing that he was chosen for reasons other than what he was told, Jon is left with no one to trust and forced to go on the run in the dark streets, and below them in the maze of the underground.

Against all odds Jon still hopes that he can save his own life, the woman of his dreams, and maybe even the whole city before the arrival of the mysterious and dreaded event that has come to be known as…Dayfall.

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