The Omega Force Series

by Joshua Dalzelle


by Joshua Dalzelle

Past Obsession

by Richard Keith Taylor


by John McWilliams

Mad Powers

by Mark Wayne McGinnis


by Brian Hodge

No Place On Earth

by Louis Charbonneau

Corpus Earthling

by Louis Charbonneau

The Devouring

by T. M. Wright



by Michael David Ares

High Lie

 by AJ Stewart

Offside Trap

by AJ Stewart

Red Mist

by Richard Keith Taylor

Stones Skipping on Water

by Richard Keith Taylor

Stiff Arm Steal

by AJ Stewart

The Sleep Police

by Jay Bonansinga

Archangels - Rise of the Jesuits

by Janet M. Tavakoli

Lupane Legacy

by Darby G. Holladay

Night of Violence

by Louis Charbonneau


by John C. Dalglish

Young Adult


by Heather Sunseri


by Heather Sunseri

Capture of the Defiance

by S.E. Smith


by S. E. Smith


The Game Player

by Rafael Yglesias

The Miraculous Plot of Leiter and Lott

by Jonathan Lowe

Evil Grows

by Loren D. Estleman


Van Gogh - The Life



by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith

The Indian World of George Washington



by Colin G. Calloway




by Jason M. Colby

The Complete Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions



by Timothy J. Galpin and Mark Herndon




by Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall

Entrepreneur Voices on Company Culture



by The Staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc.

Identity Crisis




by John Sides, Michael Tesler, and Lynn Vavreck

The Digital Transformation Playbook



by David L. Rogers

Life In Culture



Selected Letters of Lionel Trilling Edited by Adam Kirsch

Restraining Great Powers



by T. V. Paul

Keeping The People Who Keep You In Business



by Leigh Branham

Phantom Messages



by William J. Hall, Jimmy Petonito

The Secret Treasure of Oak Island



by D’Arcy O’Connor

Climate Change - What Everyone Needs to Know



by Joseph Romm

Napoleon - A Concise Biography



by David A. Bell

American Politics



by Richard M. Valelly

China's Economy



by Arthur R. Kroeber

The Mind of the Leader



by Rasmus Hougaard, Jacqueline Carter, and Arne Sorenson

The Great Alignment



by Alan I. Abramowitz




by Robert W. Fieseler

Crimes That Changed Our World



by Paul H. Robinson, Sarah M. Robinson

The Secret Language of Birthdays



by Gary Goldschneider

Coming Back Alive



by Spike Walker

The Hidden History of the JFK Assassination



by Lamar Waldron

Buddhism Is Not What You Think



by Steve Hagen

A Short History of Reconstruction



by Eric Foner

Vanishing New York



by Jeremiah Moss

Crashback - The Power Clash Between the US and China in the Pacific



by Fred Kaplan

Mania and Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong Inside the Mind of a Female Serial Killer



by Jerry Clark, Ed Palattella

Lincoln and the Abolitionists



by Fred Kaplan

Bill Clinton



by Michael Tomasky

Reclaiming Israel's History



by David Brog

The Psychedelic Experience



by Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner, and Richard Alpert

Follow Me

by Kim Kristensen

Ten Conversations You Must Have With Your Son



by Tim Hawkes

Target JFK



by Robert K. Wilcox

Inception and Philosophy



by David Kyle Johnson and William Irwin

Sociology: Exploring Human Society



Line-in Publishing

Black Ops, Viet Nam



by Robert M. Gillespie

Coming Soon !


by Alex Guerra

Published by Podium Publishing

Former Marine Arthur Holland’s destiny begins when an aircraft crashes on his property in the mountains of Colorado. He moves to investigate and to help any survivors, but the closer he gets the less control he has of his movements.

An unknown force urges him to open the door of the mysterious craft, discovering the secret that lies within: a dead, alien pilot and a peculiar, otherworldly crystal. If that wasn’t enough, the crystal feels like it is alive. That’s when he hears a single word inside his mind: Run. An enemy vessel approaches overhead in pursuit of the downed ship, leaving Arthur little time to make his escape. Guided by this strange voice, Art is propelled through a hidden portal, arriving somewhere unknown On the other side of the galaxy, without a means of returning home, he has no choice but to move forward and help the crystal accomplish its mission: upgrade the ancient derelict ship, recruit new allies, and help the Galactic Conglomerate fight the Vael Empire. It may be destiny that’s called him, but it’s the choices he makes that will forge his future.