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Past Obsession


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Corpus Earthling


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Red Mist


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Stones Skipping on Water


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Stiff Arm Steal


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Archangels - Rise of the Jesuits


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Capture of the Defiance


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Lincoln and the Abolitionists

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Reclaiming Israel's History

by David Brog

The Psychedelic Experience

by Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner, and Richard Alpert

Follow Me

by Kim Kristensen

Ten Conversations You Must Have With Your Son

by Tim Hawkes

Target JFK

by Robert K. Wilcox

Inception and Philosophy

by David Kyle Johnson
William Irwin

Sociology: Exploring Human Society

Line-in Publishing

Black Ops, Viet Nam

by Robert M. Gillespie

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Revolution – Omega Force Book 9

by Joshua Dalzelle

Published by Audible Studios

For thousands of years, the ConFed has been the most powerful force in the quadrant. It is the umbrella under which hundreds of planets and trillions of beings live in relative peace…despite the corruption and waste, it’s a system that most accept as preferable to the chaos that would ensue in its absence. Rumors have swirled around about the demise of the ConFed for as long as Jason Burke had been in space, a lone human among countless alien species. He largely ignored them…until now. For the first time since any of the members of Omega Force can remember, someone may have figured out how to destroy the ConFed without directly engaging its powerful military. As one crewmember’s past seems connected to the current trouble, Jason must decide what side of the fight he’s on…let the ConFed die and plunge the quadrant into chaos, or swallow his pride and try to help an institution he despises maintain its power for the greater good. ©2017 Joshua Dalzelle (P) 2017 Audible, Inc.