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The Game Player by Rafael Yglesias

✭✭✭✭✭ “Paul Heitsch does a perfect job with his narration of this storyHe does a superb job with distinguishing the main characters from young boys to adults, I loved how he changes his voice.

“Paul Heitsch did an admirable job narrating. His voices ‘matured’ as the boys grew up, which is particularly important when the characters start off young and end up as adults. His descriptive powers made the chess games come alive and exciting for me.

Liberation by Brian Francis Slattery

“Heitsch gave a solid reading, with a strong grasp on the characters, and even managed to capture some of the truly funny moments of the novel. Slatterly’s often lyrical prose, during some of the more engaging moments, managed to come alive in Heitsch hands. The Slick Six was a very diverse group spanning sex, race and nationality, and Heitsch handled each character appropriately, giving them soft accents and never falling into cartoonist stereotypes. He paced the novel well, particularly the finale, which was the most action packed moment of the book. I think that Liberation had to be a very hard novel to narrate, and …Heitsch pulled it off as best as can be expected.”
~ Bob Reiss, The Guilded Earlobe review.

Oasis by Brian Hodge

✭✭✭✭✭Paul Heitsch did an excellent job and he pulled me in right from the start. I loved how he changed his voices to young men and I was able to understand each one that was speaking.…He did a wonderful job with every character. The girls voices were just as great, no flaws at all. They sounded just like females…Paul was perfect for this story and I really think that he might be one of the few that can narrate anything he tries.”

As David Brenin, narrating the Task Force series of Action/Romance novels by Marliss Melton –


✭✭✭✭✭ “I listened to the audiobook, once again narrator David Brenin does a bang up job. He has a really delicious voice, that gravely undertone brings naughty thoughts to mind! I like the slight accent on Jackson, it really sets him apart. Wonderful pace, steady but brisk at the same time. Honestly, I could listen to this guy read a phone book!”

~ K. April Holgate, Eargasms review.

✭✭✭✭✭ “David Brenin’s narration was spot on! Through his voice and the way he gave a voices to all of these amazing characters that not only pulled on my heart strings but actually made me set down my knitting needles and reach for a tissue.”

✭✭✭✭✭ “As for Mr. David Brenin, there is a part of me that wonders if he has a multiple personality disorder! There were actually moments in the book that I thought there were different readers! He did such a beautiful job giving each character their own voice. Again this was an amazing team up of writer and narrator making a good book excellent!”

Eargasms Reviews:

The Protector
The Guardian
The Enforcer


Jonathan Lowe – Freelance writer, novelist, reviewer
Professional in every respect, Paul is an independent producer and composer who narrated my novel “The Miraculous Plot of Leiter & Lott” with a sensitivity to the characters and attention to detail.

Emails from Marliss:
You did a FABULOUS job making Ike sound like Dirty Harry. I laughed when I heard it—“Is that Clint Eastwood talking?” And you nailed Jackson Maddox, which has got to be the hardest thing in the world to do.

Great job with THE GUARDIAN! I’ve been listening to the chapters that are posted and you’ve done a super job.

I can’t believe what a great job you did with [THE GUARDIAN]. Getting all those dialects and differing all the voices of the parolees could not have been easy. You did GREAT!

Everything sounds great—you made me cry in the scene where Dylan nearly crashes her Suburban.


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